AVP Jewelry will be closed from March 17th to slow the spread of coronavirus until further notice.

AVP Jewelry and Beads will be closed from Tue. March 17th until further notice. We will follow the authorities recommendations to slow the spread of coronavirus. #stayhome

Your health and safety are important for us. We truly appreciate your support. We will be adding some of our beads online. Once things are better we can keep selling our beads. Our last day of operations is still May 25th.

Here are some ideas of what you can do during this time with your beads or jewelry.

  • If you have necklaces or bracelets that need to be repaired, it is a good idea to check your jewelry to see what needs to be done. We do repairs but maybe you can do it yourself.

  • If you have string, enjoy your time stringing your beads. If you do not have clasps, then put a piece of tape and a note of what is needed. You can always visit us later to get what you need.

  • Think about creating a new piece of jewelry out of your old jewelry.

  • Beading wire is good to string necklaces and bracelets. I use the one that fits in the hole of the beads. The beading wire I use often for beads smaller than 8 mm beads is .015, .014. For beads that are bigger than 8 mm, you can try .018, .019 or .024. The last one I use for heavier and bigger beads. Remember that beading wire requires crimp beads to attach a clasp

  • Some people like to string pearls or some semi-precious beads on silk thread. Jewelers like to make knots in between each bead or every few beads so the thread does not break easily. To finish a necklace or bracelet with silk you could use bead tips, or clam shell bead tips, or French coil and a clasp.

Please practice good hygiene, follow the authorities recommendations, and take this time to love your family, communicate with them, pray, read, learn, cook, and be creative.

Ana & Diana

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