Leather and Metal Stamping Class

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In this class you will learn how to cut a metal sheet, file it and punch holes.  Once you shape it, you will texture it and use metal stamps to write your initials or any other words.  

You will also learn how to use leather, eyelets, and compression rivets from #TierraCast. Other ways to finish a leather bracelet will be shown as well.

2 hour class

Materials are NOT included in the class fee but can be purchased in our store (prices range from $10 and up).

20ga or 22ga metal sheet 

3.7mm eyelets from #TierraCast

2 strap tips from #TierraCast

1 Toggle clasp

2 4mm beads.

4mm Compression Rivets.

8 inches of 22 gauges wire.

Tools: You can use our tools when you are taking our classes!

Eyelet Setter & Anvil

Bench Block

 4mm Rivet Setter

1 hammer

1 File

Metal Shears

Metal Stamps

1 Sharpie Marker

Round nose pliers

Chain nose pliers

Wire Cutters