We have a large selection of beads which we have not posted on our website yet.  Please contact us so we can send you pictures, or we can do a video call.

If you are in Chicago, we can arrange a time so you can visit our showroom. 



Call or text : 773 971-0002


AVP Jewelry and Beads is becoming an online shop, but it takes time to upload our items, therefore, if you are looking for beads, findings, chains, wire, tools, seed beads, repairs, please contact us so we can send you pictures or you can stop by.

4740 N Central Park Ave, 

Chicago, IL 60625

We are in the garage.

Please call or text us at:
773 971-0002
or email us at avpjewelry@gmail.com

Ana & Diana



  • All strands are 55% off. 

  • Chinese crystal strands are 55% off.

  • All seed beads tubes  or hanks are 55% off

  • All pendants, loose beads & loose and packaged base metal findings, cords by the foot are 50% off.

  • Brass electroplated chain by the foot. 35% off.

  • Tools, books, magazines, chains, sterling silver and gold filled items, handmade jewelry, craft wire, beading wire 30% off

  • Red line items are 75% off (there are many pendants, and strands in this section) 


Cannot combine with other discounts.

When we do a video  call or text order, you may get 60% off  on strands (except African strands) when  you order 10 or more strands of any style.

Valid from 11/28/2020 to 12/31/2020

Need your pearl necklace re-knotted or new hooks for your earrings? Sen us an email with the picture of your jewelry, or text us,  so we can respond if we would be able to repair it. 

We  will send you instructions then.


(773) 971-0002

We re-string necklaces or bracelets.

We re-knot pearl jewelry.

We connect clasps to chains by using jump rings.  WE DO NOT SOLDER.

We attach ear wires.

We do wire work.

Due to COVID19 , I can schedule a video call to teach you a technique. 

30 minutes for $14

1 hour for $25

Email me for more details.

Thank you for your support!


AVP Jewelry and Beads will be closing on Mon. May 25th.

Making jewelry has been our passion.  We have so many memories of parents and children, designers, new artists, or anybody who came to our shop and made our days full of joy by making a piece of jewelry, taking a class, or by getting supplies.  Thank you for being part of our bead journey.  We truly enjoy it.  However, I (Ana) got sick with a benign tumor in my pituitary gland that affects my vision. I have had 2 previous surgeries and will need to go into treatment as it came back. I am thankful to God because I found peace, hope, and love.  Diana and  I took the decision to close our shop. It is  sad and we truly understand how this make you feel.  Please do not wait for the last day.  Our sales may continue like they are.  As we are not liquidating. We hope you enjoy the savings.

We hope to see soon!

Ana V Pizarro & Diana Ortega

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